About GreenDot

GreenDot is a full-circle EPR management and recycling solutions provider in the U.S. Together with brand and retail partners, we are driving measurable advancement in the circular economy for plastics.

We connect the dots between every step in a closed loop system: EPR programs; packaging waste collection, sorting and recycling; and providing high-quality recycled content to be made into new packaging. Our hands-on, verifiable solutions accelerate plastics circularity, even for materials that have been practically impossible to keep in the loop. Our approach is founded on 30+ years of experience, a passion for measurable change, and problem-solving to meet unique community needs.

We understand there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. That’s why we work with the entire plastics value chain to design and manage EPR programs that benefit everyone involved — both companies and communities.

GreenDot at a Glance

30 years of experience

Comprehensive services, including:

  • EPR management services & assessments, such as:
    • Guidance on EPR obligations in North America and Europe
    • Convenient data reporting for over 100,000 clients globally
    • Design-for-Recycling support and recyclability assessments
    • Transparent tracking of collection, sorting and recycling volumes
    • Chain of custody for recycled materials
    • Documentation of CO2-equivalent reduction through recycling
    • Certification of recycled content in plastic packaging
  • Deposit fee systems for beverage packaging (data and cost clearing)
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Collection and sortation optimization
  • Mechanical and advanced recycling facilities
  • Supply of recycled plastics

Best-in-class results in Europe:

  • 100,000 plus customers globally
  • 1 million tons of household packaging waste recovered annually
  • 70,000+ tons of post-consumer PP and LDPE processed annually in Germany
  • 600,000+ tons of CO2 equivalents saved annually via recycling

Our comprehensive approach has helped drive Germany’s plastic packaging recycling rate from 3% in 1991 to over 60%. Now, we’re leveraging this experience in the U.S., where the plastics recycling rate lingers under 10%.

Leveraging 30+ Years of Experience

GreenDot was founded in Germany in 1990 under the name Der Grüne Punkt (The Green Dot). There, we created the world’s first nationwide EPR program for household packaging, including hard-to-recycle plastics like flexible films. Der Grüne Punkt continues to design and operate every aspect of EPR management, collection, sortation and recycling. This program now serves more than 80 million people.

Our German model is considered the forerunner of the European Union’s current regulatory structure. It has inspired more than 30 packaging recovery organizations in Europe over the last 30 years.

In August of 2022, Der Grüne Punkt was purchased by Circular Resources, which is now named Green Dot Global. Green Dot Global oversees both the European and North American operations. The company will expand operations into additional countries and affiliates around the world to increase global recycling rates and advance multinational brands toward their goals.

Meet Our North America Team

Leslie Hushka

Managing Director, Green Dot North America

Chief Sustainability Officer, Green Dot Global Group

Leslie Hushka is a corporate sustainability executive with global experience in operations, advocacy, strategy, and government, stakeholder and community relations. She previously served as Chief Sustainability Officer for the Bumble Bee Seafood Company and as a senior sustainability leader at ExxonMobil. She is also the original architect of the Alliance to End Plastic Waste.

Bilal Khan

Chief Operation Officer

Bilal Khan is an experienced project executive across multi-billion-dollar projects. He previously served as Director of Engineering, Projects, Technology and Strategy at Freepoint Eco-Systems. He also worked as a Development Planner at ExxonMobil and held various project leadership roles for professional services in the energy and chemical sectors.

James Horrox

Vice President, Recycling

James “Jim” Horrox is a seasoned leader with experience in supply chain improvement, production efficiency expansion, and leading-edge waste/recycling initiatives. He previously served as VP of Advanced Recycling Operations at Freepoint Eco-Systems and Regional Recycling Manager for Rumpke Waste & Recycling. He has also held senior leadership positions with Waste Management, Inc.

The search is underway

Vice President, Advocacy and Stakeholder Engagement

Richie Getter

Vice President, Development

Richie Getter garnered 20 years of experience in plastics recycling, sustainability program design, supply chain management, infrastructure development and communications at Balcones Resources, where he most recently served as VP of Strategy & Commodities. He currently sits on the U.S. Plastics Pact Board of Directors.

Ursula Denison

Director, EPR Programs

Ursula Denison has been with Green Dot Germany from its beginning in 1991. Over time, she has led projects involving pricing, market research, customer service and international EPR strategy. She frequently participates in numerous EPR and recycling industry working groups, serves as a consultant to multinational brand owners, and contributes to international conferences.

J.J. Rawlinson

Director, Sustainability

J.J. Rawlinson’s experience is focused on social impact and grant making. She previously served as Senior Manager of Community Partnerships and Welfare Initiatives for the internationally renowned Annenberg Foundation. There, she managed the granting, marketing, and operations teams to execute the organization’s mission.

What We Value

These five values govern the relationships we build, the decisions we make and the actions we take. As we hold ourselves to these values, we will make a difference for communities, businesses and the environment.


We operate with honesty and excellence, acknowledging how we impact partners, employees and communities.


We believe that tapping into our diverse perspectives enables greater problem solving.


We learn from the past while focusing on the future.


We look for ways in which our day-to-day roles build toward tangible results.


We are optimistic and energize each other to make a difference inside and outside our organization.

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