Connect the Dots to Opportunity

GreenDot connects brands, retailers and municipalities to build circular systems that will turn household packaging waste into new materials again and again. Together, we will build what comes next for plastic recycling and for brands’ circularity leadership.

Experience at Every Step

As an EPR management and recycling solutions provider, GreenDot does it all for plastic packaging waste: extended producer responsibility (EPR) management and services, collection and sorting systems, recycling facilities and connecting brands with quality recycled content to meet their goals. We are leveraging 30 years of experience in Europe as we roll out these services in North America.

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Opportunity Across the Value Chain

We work across the value chain with brands, retailers, plastic producers, waste management companies and municipalities. Success takes shape for everyone involved.

For Brands & Retailers

  • Accelerate access to post-consumer recycled (PCR) content to meet public commitments
  • Partner to proactively shape EPR policies and programs
  • Protect brand reputation and earn consumer satisfaction

For Municipalities

  • Divert more materials from landfill
  • Outsource highly specialized management of household packaging waste
  • Improve credibility with citizens and NGOs

For Community Members

  • Add collection services where they aren’t currently available, like multi-family housing
  • Recycle packaging that isn’t currently recyclable in the area
  • Help everyone contribute directly to waste reduction and diversion from landfill

EPR Done Right

Packaging isn’t the problem — packaging waste is. GreenDot is creating closed loop systems that will keep plastic packaging in the value chain where it belongs, and out of landfills and the environment. Effective EPR programs can help drive effective closed loop systems.

We’re working with brands, retailers and municipalities to build effective EPR in the U.S. from the ground up. We assess brands’ current and future needs and empower them to proactively shape EPR programs. Together, we turn a potential burden for brands into an opportunity to create change and value.

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Recycling Value

In addition to assessing brands’ current practices and providing EPR management services, we develop the blueprint to build better recycling infrastructure. We will create value in the North American recycling landscape in three distinct ways:

Evaluate current practices and then establish effective plastic collection and sortation models and infrastructure.

We aim to significantly increase the overall amount of packaging collected and expand the types of plastic that are collected.

Provide existing mechanical recycling facilities with the right types of plastic inputs.

We are building our own sorting and recycling facilities in North America to provide brands with direct access to more high-quality, post-consumer plastic resins.

Bring mechanical and advanced recycling technologies together under one roof to efficiently maximize the amount of plastic successfully recycled.

We offer advanced recycled materials to enable brands to use recycled content in food packaging and other contact-sensitive applications.

Full Circle with Recycled Material

We connect brands with high-quality recycled material — through mechanical and advanced recycling — to create new, clean plastic packaging.


Three Decades of Results

GreenDot is a one-stop shop for accelerating recycling and creating value from plastic waste. Decades of results prove the efficacy of our model: our pioneering EPR system in Germany and other countries has helped drive dramatically higher recycling rates. We’ve learned so much from our work in Europe, and we will continue to change and adapt in North America to reflect the current sustainability and technology landscapes.

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What’s Coming Next

We’re moving quickly to connect brands, retailers and communities with action plans. As we implement these plans and build new recycling facilities, we will continue to update this website with new insights, data and opportunities to get involved.

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